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Our world is spiraling out of control. The headlines show life on earth has changed forever. War, riots, deadly diseases, devastating natural disasters, and eroding morality and faith have become the new painful reality. In the midst of chaos, we can hear the footsteps of an approaching God. The time to prepare is now.

Join the Central California Conference live on Facebook or on YouTube October 23-31, 2020 for this MUST SEE event:

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Various scholars from our Adventist Universities will share their vast knowledge on topics like Sunday laws, understanding 1844, Jacob and the time of trouble, the mark of the beast, date setting, the remnant, and many more compelling topics.

Featured speakers are Dr. Jon Paulien, Dr. Kendra Haloviak-Valentine, Dr. Jorge Rico, Dr. Ranko Stefanovic, Dr. Leslie Pollard, and more. You don't want to miss this event!

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