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Our world is spiraling out of control. The headlines show life on earth has changed forever. War, riots, deadly diseases, devastating natural disasters, and eroding morality and faith have become the new painful reality. In the midst of chaos, we can hear the footsteps of an approaching God. The time to prepare is now.

Join us as various scholars from our Adventist Universities share their vast knowledge on topics like Sunday laws, understanding 1844, Jacob and the time of trouble, the mark of the beast, date setting, the remnant, and many more compelling topics.

Ranko Stefanovic

is Professor of New Testament at the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews...

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Kendra Haloviak Valentine

Ph.D., is professor of New Testament Studies  in the...

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Leslie N.

serves as the 11th President of Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama...

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is Professor of Religion and former Dean of the School of Religion at Loma...

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Jorge E.

D.Min., Ph.D., is an ordained pastor of the SDA church having served for 32 years as...

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Roy E.

 Ph.D., is Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages at the...

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Kayle B.
de Waal

Ph.D., is a senior lecturer in New Testament and postgraduate course convenor at...

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Ranko Stefanovic-Let No One Mislead You!


Kendra Haloviak-Revelation of Jesus Christ / SS discussion panel


Ranko Stefanovic-The Dangerous Date Setting of the Second Coming


Ranko Stefanovic-The Mark of the Beast: What Is It Really?


Ranko Stefanovic-The Vital Truth About the Image of the Beast


Leslie Pollard-The Role of the Remnant in the Time of the End


Roy E. Gane-The Flight of the Third Angel of Revelation 14


Kayle B. de Waal-The Slain/Standing Lamb of Revelation


Jorge Rico-Jacob’s Wrestling & The Time of Trouble


Jon Paulien-Principle to Understanding Prophecy


Jon Paulien-Historical Understanding of the Sunday Law


Jon Paulien-The Coming Sunday Law Dilemma


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Books by the Presenters

Ranko Stefanovic 

-Book of Revelation

-El Libro De Apocalipsis

-Plain Revelation: A Reader's Introduction to

the Apocalypse

-Revelation of Jesus Christ: Commentary on the Book of Revelation, 2nd edition

-La Revelación de Jesucristo

-Apocalipsis Sencillo

Leslie N. Pollard

-Embracing Diversity

Kendra Haloviak Valentine

-Signs of Life

-Worlds at War, Nations in Song: Dialogic Imagination and Moral Vision in the Hymns of the Book of Revelation

Roy Gane

-Who’s Afraid of the Judgement

-The Sanctuary and Salvation

-The Book of Isaiah - Thoughts as High as Heaven

-Altar Call

-Old Testament Law Christians

-Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy

-Current Issues Priestly Related

-Leviticus, Numbers NIV Application Commentary

-Homosexuality, Marriage and the Church

-Cult and Character: Purification, Offerings, Day of Atonement and Theodicy

-In The Shadow of the Shekinah: God’s Journey with Us

Jorge E. Rico

-Conexiones Teología del Santuario

-El Manejo De Las Finanzas

Kayle B. De Waal

-Mission Shift

-Hearing The Way

-Ancient Words Present Hope

-An Aural Performance Analysis of Revelation 1 and 11

Jon Paulien

-The Ministry of Healing Study Guide

-The Deep Things of God, An Insider’s Guide to the Book of Revelation

-Seven Keys

-Knowing God in the Real World: How to have an authentic relationship with God in the Real World

-The Millennium Bug

-Letters to the Thessalonians

-John: the Beloved Gospel

-Armageddon At The Door

-The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier - John

-Cartas a Los Tesalonicenses

-El Evangelio Eterno

-Everlasting Gospel, Ever Changing World

-Living in the Shadow of the Second Coming

-The Day That Changed the World: Seeking God After September 11

-Decoding Revelations Trumpets


-Meet God Again for the First Time

-The Gospel from Patmos

-What the Bible Says About the End of Time

-Present Truth in the Real World

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