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The Stewpot
The Stewpot | June 2021 | Vol 26, Issue 6
Stewards of
Our Future

June brings warmer weather and the promise of summer fun. It also marks
a new beginning for a special group—our youth. Whether celebrating graduations at the kindergarten, 8th grade, academy, or college level, our youth are starting new journeys. They are celebrating the end of their first year of school, the big jump...

Dynamic Steward
Dynamic Steward | Jan - Mar 2021 | Vol 24, No 1
I Can Serve
Because You Give

Exploring the responsibility of stewardship leaders to teach the eternal importance of stewardship. This quarter we’ll be sharing experiences of missionaries in the field, the impact our giving has on the world church, and being blessed to be a blessing.

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The Stewpot
A potpourri of practical ideas to help you become a better steward
Dynamic Steward
Real-life stories and the impact faithful stewardship has on the world.
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What We Do

As a unique part of the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Gift Planning Ministries provides useful financial, estate, and gift planning services with special sensitivity to denominational beliefs through gift planning instruments and legal documents such as, revocable trusts, wills, charitable gift annuities, charitable unitrusts, durable power of attorneys and healthcare directives. Arrangements made through Gift Planning Ministries confirm one’s belief in the joy of spreading Jesus’ love and the hope of His soon return. Please click here to learn more. Contact our office at 559.347.3123 to schedule a consultation.

What is Gift Planning?

The Gift Planning Ministries department offers careful assistance in planning for the type of legacy to family, church, and community each individual desires.

What Happens If You Fail to Plan?

What happens if you pass away without an estate plan? What do you need to prepare for a meeting with your estate planning attorney?


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