Teen Bible Academy


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  • July 7, 2019
  • All Day

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Teen Bible Academy

All Day
July 7, 2019


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Teen Bible Academy

All Day
July 7, 2019


Teen Bible Academy is a three-week program that focuses on three key elements of the Christian life: Solitude, Study, and Service.

Solitude – The first week is a backpacking trip, where you’ll get to learn how to spend quality time alone with God

Study – During the second and third weeks, you’ll learn from incredible presents about God, the BIble, and how it all applies to your daily life

Service – On the last week, you’ll get to be involved in lots of service projects in local communities across Central California

Ages – 13-17 (18 if still in high school)

Dates – June 18-July 7

Discount Rate is $350 until March.

Pricing becomes $450 when March hits. It covers your food, lodging, traveling, etc. If you have more questions, email us at yet@cccsda.org or call (559) 347-3174

Coming in the summer of 2019! Click here to apply!