November 10 - 11, 2020 (Zoom Online)

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Here you will find materials presented at the fall Educators' In-service. From Education Department handouts to speaker presentations, we are working to provide you with the resources you may desire to refer back to throughout the current school year and years to come.


2020-2021 School Year
Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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General Sessions


MAP Assessments: An Orientation to the New Testing Process - Lori Seelig, NWEA

Materials | Recording (coming soon!)

Google Education Suite - Marlena Hebern, Fresno County Office of Education

Materials | Recording (coming soon!)



Breakout Sessions (by subject)


Distance Learning (General)

"The Classroom Turned Upside Down" (Grades K-8) - Kristy Kyle and Ronn Kakazu, PUC Elementary School

Video Recording 

"I Didn't Sign Up for Online Teaching!" (Grades 9-12) - Lee Richards, Kingsway College

Materials || Video Recording

Zoom - Aimee Leukert, La Sierra University

"Bringing It Home, Keeping It Real" - Distance Learning Technology - Dr. David P. Harries, Loma Linda University

Google Education Suite - Marlena Hebera, Fresno County Office of Education

  • Grades K-4 - Materials || Recording (coming soon!)
  • Grades 5-8 - Materials || Recording (coming soon!)
  • Grades 9-12 - Materials || Recording (coming soon!)


"Everyday Music" - Elementary Music Education - Czarina Jimenez, Loma Linda Academy

Grades K-3 [Video] [Audio only]
Grades 4-6 [Video] [Audio only]

"Keeping Music Meaningful, Manageable, and Mindful" -  Music Teachers for Grades 7-12 - Dr. Brenda Mohr

Session 1 [Video] [Audio only]
Session 3 [Video] [Audio only]

Physical Education

"Building an Exercise Community Online" - K-12 P.E. - Dr. Bob Paulson, Pacific Union College

Materials || Recording (coming soon!)


Spiritual Development

"Reaching Out: Faith Development During Crisis" - Pastor Benjie Maxson, Modesto Central Church

For Grades 9-12 
[Video] [Audio only] - coming soon!

For Grades K-8
[Video] [Audio only




Helpful Information for Educators from the CCC Human Resources Department - Pastor David Hudgens and Linda Barron

  • Eligibility—student/family must be a member(s) of a Hispanic, Asian or African American CCC church.
  • Process–treasury department will notify the church by letter of the amount available for them to use in awarding assistance.
  • Applications—contact your church pastor or treasurer for further information on the availability of these funds.  Awards must be approved by the church board.  In order to distribute the Minority Fund, the church must email a letter to the Conference Treasurer with the name, student ID number, and the amount for those who will be receiving these funds.  The check will be issued to the school(s) indicated in the letter.
  • Maximum Award—The Maximum award amount is $1000 per student.

  • Eligibility—Requests for assistance from the Conference Faith Advance are to be processed through the principal and/or financial office of the school. The local school board is responsible for determining eligibility and the process for obtaining help from this fund. The school submits the names of students they deem eligible for assistance to the Office of Education and the conference issues a check to the school for the total amount requested for students to be applied to their accounts. The amount per school is determined by a formula involving the church membership and Conference Faith Advance offering received by the conference. The amount per student is determined by the school.
  • Applications—There is no application.
  • Maximum Award--The Maximum award amount is $1000 per student.

Pacific Union Scholarships

Secondary and College Students Only


  • Eligibility—full-time students enrolled in a Central California Conference Adventist school in grades 9-12, or at La Sierra University, Loma Linda University, Montemorelos University, Oakwood College, and Pacific Union College; does not receive tuition assistance as the child of a denominational employee.
  • Applications—9-12 grade applicants must work with their school principal or business manager prior to applying. Applicants will be selected by the school based on financial need and verified by the CCC Office of Education. College applicants may contact the CCC Office of Education. All applications are completed online. Use this link to apply:
  • Amount—varies depending on number of eligible applicants.
  • Deadline is June 30 of the current school year.

Elementary Students Only


  • Eligibility—elementary students enrolled in a CCC Adventist school.
  • Applications–Students are selected by the school, processed by the Union, and approved by the CCC Office of Education. Apply at
  • Grants—two grants per CCC school are given for the year.
  • Amount—varies, depending on balance in the fund.
  • Deadline is June 30 of the current school year.

Entering Freshman to La Sierra University and Pacific Union College


  • Eligibility—First-year freshman incoming students to Pacific Union College or La Sierra University.  Available for members (student or parents) of a Pacific Union Seventh-day Adventist church or a non-SDA student who has attended a secondary school in the Pacific Union Conference.
  • Amount—$2000 for each approved scholarship