What We Do

Discipleship Ministries facilitates connection, partnership, and growth through the development and implementation of the Cradle to Crown initiative. Cradle to Crown is Central’s initiative for integrated discipleship focused on developing every member—from birth to old age—into an active, growing, leading disciple of Jesus Christ and a center of influence for the kingdom of heaven. The goal of Cradle to Crown is to connect ministries in building up individuals, families, churches, schools, and communities in relationship with Christ and to connect people to the community of support and resources available to help them grow as disciples, disciple makers, and members of the Seventh-day Adventist church. The initiative also aims to increase engagement among all members, ministry leaders, and organizational employees by uniting and integrating ministries, resources, and efforts towards this end. Discipleship Ministries is involved in several distinct areas of service including visioning, partnership with In Discipleship, leadership development, ministry support, and resource development. Our department provides assistance for receiving gifts towards Camp Wawona, Soquel, and the education endowment. We also facilitate gifts to other conference entities as needed or requested. ​ Phase I of the Capital Campaign concluded in March 2014 and Phase II began on April 1, 2014. To learn more, view Capital Campaign Projects below.


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