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The Church Ministries Department oversees several conference ministries which provide resources to local churches and members. Ministries include: Community Services, Health Ministries, Family Life Ministries, Prison Ministries, Sabbath School, and Single’s Ministries.

Our department also works to address the needs of each component of the family by providing workshops and retreats to strengthen or rebuild families within the territory of Central California Conference.

Marriage retreats provide the opportunity for the Conference to model a balanced blend of instruction, fellowship, romance, and worship as the bonds of marriage are strengthened.

Men’s retreats strengthen participants by providing instruction, fellowship, and workshop opportunities while promoting spiritual growth and development.

Parenting workshops are designed to equip parents with information enabling them to be effective and spiritually grounded parents.

The success of our local churches is to a great degree dependent on the knowledge, experience, wisdom, gifts and talents of our senior citizens. Senior citizen seminars are designed to provide information on conference resources available to senior citizens.

Single adults make up a significant portion of our churches membership. Never married, divorced, or widowed members are provided with opportunities to fellowship together. Recreation is a key component in a balanced life. This ministry supports and empowers singles to live a rich and full life.

In addition, our department provides a variety of health education opportunities throughout Central, based on the fact that the health of our churches, schools, and communities depends on the health of every individual.

We also manage disaster response activities within Central in partnership with the Pacific Union and the North American Division.

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