Central California Conference
Auditing Department

Treasurer’s Additional Resources 

1. Supplies or information needed

a. For Receipts (see Procedure for Counting Offering)

i.   Tithe envelopes (supplied by CCC)

ii.   Forms for Credit Card contributions (supplied and processed by CCC) If your church is signed up with AdventistGiving CCC won’t process credit card contributions.

iii.  Cash Offering Count Worksheets

iv.  Sunset Calendar to allocate weekly loose offerings (English – Español) (Provided by CCC – Contact our Stewardship Department)

v.   Online Giving (AdventistGiving) (contact CCC Treasury at 559-347-3196)

vi.  Adding machine, date stamp, red ink pens, color paper, rubber bands and file storage boxes.

vii. Seventh-day Adventist Year Book

b. For Disbursements

i.   Checks (preprinted or blank three- part check forms)

ii.  Check Request Form

iii.  Paid-out Vouchers

iv.  Employee Forms (after employment is approved by CCC)

(c) Hourly/Non-Exempt Bi-Weekly Time Sheet (required audit document)

(d) Electronic Hourly/Non-Exempt Payroll Summary Report

(e) Hourly 2018 /Non-Exempt Payroll Calendar  2019 Hourly Non-Exempt Payroll Calendar (emailed annually by CCC)

v.  Independent Contractor Forms

(a) W-9 Form (to prepare annual form 1099MISC, if required)

(b) DE-542 form

(c) Vehicle Mileage and Perdiem Expense Log for Church Business (Current Per Diem Rates: pdf document)

(d) Travel and Expense Report (fillable pdf) 

(e) Certificate of Liability Insurance

vi.   Benevolence Request Voucher

vii.  Detail of Receipts for Reimbursement or Advanced Checks Form

viii. Petty Cash Authorization Form (print on Church’s letterhead)

ix.  Petty Cash Replenishing Form

C. For Reporting & Auditing Processes

i.   Bookkeeping System (Jewel Software – supplied by CCC)

ii.  Bank Statements (Checking, Savings, CD’s, Investments, etc)

iii.  Church Data Sheet (revised 2018)

iv. Basic Schedule for Church Treasurer’s Retention Document

v.  File folders and file boxes


2. Monthly Process:

a. Count and Deposit Offering Weekly

b. Record Offerings (tithe envelopes and online giving)

c. Pay Bills, as scheduled, and Record Disbursements

d. Pay payroll costs for locally funded employees (check or ACH – see Calendar)

e. Submit Monthly Conference Remittance by the 10th of the month – 
with a Check (indicate in Jewel) or via ACH (indicate in Jewel)

f. Submit Detail Report for Camp Meeting Evangelism Contribution

g. Post Loan Payments and/or Oustanding Liabilities

h. Filing process (for Audit, and to facilitate application of Document Retention Policy)

i.   Place weekly tithe envelopes in rubber bands, and group weekly bundles by month in rubber bands, as well.

ii.   File Disbursement Vouchers in numerical order by check number (attach original receipts or invoices, conference remittance receipt, copy of board action, etc).

iii.   File Bank Statements and Bank Reconciliation in a folder, in order by month (use one folder per bank account).

iv.   File Weekly Trial Contribution Reports and Monthly Reports by month, not by type of report


3. Annual Procedures:

a. Place notice in bulletin regarding donations in December

b. Dispose of stale checks

c. Review Year-End fund balances on Financial Summary Report to clear negative balances

d. Detailed Receipt for Donors due by the end of January (watermarked form supplied by CCC)

e. 1099 forms for Independent Contractors due by the end of January

i.  If prepared by CCC – information due to Auditing Dept by January 17

f. 1096 Form due to IRS by the end of February

g. W-2 for Employees due by the end of January (issued by CCC Payroll Dept)

h. Property Tax Exemption Form due to Accounting Dept by January 20 

i. Business Property Statement due to Accounting Dept by February 25

j. Audit of Church Records – Documents required


4. Other Items

a. Tax ID Number (Contact CCC Treasury at CCC 559-347-3196)

b. Process to Open Bank Accounts (Church Board authorization, Copy of Tax Exemption Letter provided by CCC Treasury Department)

c. Lease Agreements (see Property Management Forms & Resources)

d. Evangelism Items – Updated Church Treasurer’s Handling Evangelism Meeting Funds

i.   Bible Worker Application Form

ii.  Budget Request for Full-Message Reaping Campaign and Budget Request for Child Family Evangelism-VBS 

iii.  Evangelism Recap Forms (attach detail from Jewel)  

iv.  Processing Financial Records of Church Plants

e. Risk Management Issues (annual insurance charges, reporting losses or incidents)

f. Copyright Issues (software and music)

g. Tech Support for Jewel Software provided by the Auditing Department

h. Conference bookkeeping assistance service provided by the Auditing Department

i. Periodic Treasurers Training (last Sunday in March, June and September; first Sunday in December, and first Sunday of Camp Meeting)

To e-mail questions, comments or observations to the auditing staff, please click here.

Auditing Department of the Central California Conference of Seventh-day Adventist